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Tournament Rules

Yukon Lights Out Tournament Rules

The tournament will play FIBA Rules with a few exceptions:

  • Four 10-min quarters: stop time for free throws and last 3 mins of each half.
  • 2 time outs first half, 2 in the second.
    If overtime: 1 time out to each team, no carry overs.
  • Overtime 5 mins: stop time for last 2 mins and free throws.
  • 30 sec shot clock/10 sec to get over half.
  • 30 point mercy rule.
    If a team gets up by 30, no stop time.
    If the team comes back to a 10-point margin, stop time
  • Point spread will determine Ranking after play in round, max +/- 20 points
  • To keep the tournament on schedule Warm ups might be as short as 5 mins.
  • Hammer Award (Playoff Games MVP) – Opposing teams vote for the MVP of playoff games per team. Captains please have your entry ready at the end of each playoff game.